Wolf Hybrids

posted: by: Dr. Emily Williamson Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Wolf hybrids: what are they and should you own one? maybe These dogs are any combination of any type of wolf and any other breed of dog in varying percentages.  The one in this picture is 75% timber and arctic wolf and 25% husky. He is about 3 months old.  There are many opinions on owning one of these dogs and if it is such a good idea.  Most of them are very nice and easy to handle especially if they are raised from a very young age but some can be dangerous so alot of thought needs to go into the decision of getting one of these animals.  A very good source of information about these animals is www.wolfpark.org .  They have numerous articles related to these dogs that will help you make that decision.  Their biggest concern is that alot of these animals are euthanized because they are too much to handle and aren't housed in the appropriate facility.  They also have a facility of their own in West Lafayette, Indiana that you can go to and observe the wolves.  Please contact us if you have any questions about hybids and if you would like us to take care of their health care needs.